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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


16 years ago, thanks in part to Ronald Regan's campaign to defeat the "Evil Empire"  Lithuania was removed from  50 years of bondage to the USSR.  Though it is a cold (-7)  winter's day there is much celebration and joy,
I spoke with a man who lived under Soviet rule here for his whole life.  He likens his freedom to that of the Jews being released from Egypt.  Although he recalls the mass exodus of Russians, leaving Lithuania and creating a vacuum on the way out.
Factories, offices, farms, co-operative food processing plants were abandoned overnight.  Only one Russian Colonel- the commandant of the capital, Vilnuis, seemed to reject the idea of Lithuanian Independence.  This was mostly due to personal animosity between him and the mayor of the city.  In 1991 Lithuanians demonstrated for their independence at Televizijios Bokstas a large landmark TV station in center city [photoabove and rt],  a dozen were killed by Soviet Tanks as troops stormed the building.  You can still see the bullet scarred halls and granet steps leading to the tower.  The Soviets were ordered by the Kremlin to pull back .  Russia had formally given up the Lithuanian satellite, and so today Lithuanins mark 16 years of freedom from Soviet rule.
I find now, there is a people here ready for the freedom of worship they have been denied for over 50 years.  It is unfortunate that there are few missions here to spread the word. 
Here  are Photos of the large Akropolis Mall where I intend to meet with teens who know nothing of God or the salvation of Jesus,  Just like in USA many teens mill about the mall and security keeps them on the move.  There are many opportunities for me here. My flat is only a city block away.

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