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Sunday, February 14, 2010


I interviewed my first student on the way here, and gave him a hat. He was shy about photos, and since we were sitting next to each other for 9 hours it was too awkward to get out my camera. He is learning to be a pilot for Lufthansa.
His name is Thorngarrd, He had no faith background but He understood the EE concept when I explained it, and he said he may be interested in having Jesus in his life, but he has no support system. Thorngaard is an intelligent young student. His parents go to Luthern church, but his notion of God is limited to Church with the family on Christmas. He indicated that he believes there is a God, but that at the moment his main concern is his career. Training to be a pilot for Lufthansa is a tough job, and his fear is the high washout rate. Thorngaard wanted to join the German Air Force as a Tactical jet pilot, but he was turned down for being too tall [slightly over 2 meters -6'4"].
So he landed a job as a pilot in training for Lufthansa and is very pleased with his progress. We spent some time talking about pilot training and what he had learned. Mostly he's in Cessna 172's and learning some in Florida. I related my experiences with FACT in St Augustine, Florida where I flew for 12 years. This where 2 of the 911 terrorists trained. The Europeans love to train in the US becasue we have no airport fees. In EU you are charged a fee for each landing and departure; not so in US.
On a scale of 1-10 Thorngaard was feeling at a 9 because like most pilots you tend to feel god-like when soaring above the earth. However after delving into issues of potential danger and safety I could sense some deeper thinking. What happens after life?; what is life all about?; is there something larger than us?
He was thinking and now I had the opportunity to help him fill the void of a Godless life. No there was no instant conversion at 31,000 ft; only questioning of things that had not been in the front of Thorngaard's mind before we talked.
This is a seed planted and I prayed that he would continue to seek.

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  1. Will,
    You are doing God's work and I join you in praying for Thorngaard and for all the seeds you are faithfully planting along your journey!