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Sunday, June 20, 2010

God Is In Control

What is self reliance?
We are taught from an early age that we must learn to do everything for
ourselves. We must become independent. We must not rely on

We are alone and on our own??

Wow this is some heavy lifting for the young- for anyone at
any age. I can recall putting this on
many applications and it was the headline on my resume for years:




However, I must admit now that none of these descriptions
fit me and they were not true. In fact,none of these describe any of us if we were to look deep into our inner self. There some of us may find a spirit
and a soul. This is our essence of life. It is the force which keeps each of us alive and kicking.

For those who believe -- really believe and have a personal
relationship with God He is the only Being who is a Self Starter and fully
Independent. Before there was He Was and
is to come- Jesus Christ. Jesus Spoke everything we see know and feel into
existence. Nothing that is now ever was until He spoke it into existence.

I will restate what I tell everyone I know as I fulfill
God's Great Commission: We are born into this world with no pockets, no credit cards and no worldly possessions. We leave the planet the same way. God does this so "None can boast” Each us must Honor His Grace and give all Glory to Him. For it is by His grace that we have anything. And anyone who does have some temporary
worldly possessions really does not have them;
You did not bring it here; you cannot take it with you.

Therefore, everything you have or will ever have is simply
"Borrowed" from God. He graces
some more than others.

Then there are those who have material goods via ill gotten
means. Mostly we see these people making
“Idols” of the things they own. These
“Things” become their God. Thus the Evil
one supplies too but he does at a great price.

Usually the cost is your soul, if you cannot make back into
the Light of Jesus. Your reward for these false idols of material comforts on earth is eternal separation from our Creator- God Almighty!

The Devil provides these things to people to take their worship from the Lord Jesus; He is substituting the desire we should all have to worship the Savior and replacing it with the worship of material goods.
Worshiping Jesus and gaining salvation is for all times. Worshiping material goods lasts only in this life time, and you cannot take these things with you.

We must all guard against having or possessing "material goods or money lest they become the: false Idols" we worship as we forget that anything and everything is
created by God via the Savior Jesus Christ.
In the end, as it is revealed in Revelation, Every knee shall bend and
every tongue shall acknowledge Christ Jesus.

No one is an Independent Self Starter. No one can say "I earned it and it is

All you possess is merely borrowed for your short time here
on earth. So do not boast of it or Lord your possessions or status on earth over others

Next time you are in the shower, look down and see if you
are a special being who was born with pockets full of money attached to your
thighs. Please respond ASAP to my Blog