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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Easter 2010

I gave up a lifetime Lord
Seeking only self reward. 
I have wasted Years
Living them in tears
While you were seeking me!

            And who am I...
            That you reach out and try
            To save me from my sins?

Now my heart has opened up
To your Loving Touch!
And I can see the beauty of Your Love

You've paid the price for me
So I could finally see
The wisdom of your Love!

I gave up a lifetime, Lord,
Seeking for myself alone...
Ignoring all Your signs toward Home.

You are ever Faithful to me
You sought me when I hid...
You the God of the Universe!!

How is it You Will do this for us?
Why do we ignore You so?
Why don't we listen?

You are in our hearts at birth
We have only to look within,
And listen to Your Word
To overcome our sin.

For You are Great...
You are Kind...
You Give Life
You heal the blind!

What more could we ask for?
You Have saved us from the FINAL WAR.
And gave us Life Eternal Lord!

So though my life was wasted on me.
You finally set me free...
To see the You are King and Majesty.

Thank You God for saving me.


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