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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Return to Work In Kaunas

Monday, April 12, 2010

I Returned to Kaunas Saturday.  All students were out for weekend and end of Spring break.
Today I found out we lost Gedies.  He will not be returning and he will remain in Vilnius.
We all pray that he keeps up with his Bible studies and continues in the Student Survival Kit.

However, God is always throwing a curve because this afternoon I met and distributed books to other students.  One, Purlita, must work outside the country like many Lithuanians.  She is a part time student who is doing a work study in Great Britain.  She did take a book and confirmed her belief in God, but she could not tell me much about or relate to this Jesus Guy.

Three boys, Valdamas, Myazes and Alexander received the Student Survival Kit Christian student study guide.  I was very happy they responded so well.  Of the three Valdemas spoke English the best, so he acted as the interpreter for me where the others could not understand.

Two other girls also joined us in the conversation:  Margureta and Lena.  Of these two.
Margureta was the doubting Thomas.

“What are you doing here anyway?” She asked in a skeptical and unbelieving way.
“I am here to give you something free.  Would you like that?” I said.
That depends on what it is” said Margureta, and then she said something to her two friends in Lithuanian I did not quite understand.
Yet I could tell from the laughter of the other girls it was probably something not nice about me.

“No this is a free gift.  No strings attached” I said quickly;

“You do not have to pay me are or do anything at all.”
They all were wondering what it was and why some old American guy was giving something away.
I reached in my bag for some hats.
As it turns out, these girls were  were very polite, but the hats were not their style.
“Ok, take one for your boyfriend then.”  They all laughed at that suggestion.
“What about one for your brothers?”  They shook their heads.
Then I have another gift for you.  Can you read English?” I asked.

“Sure Sure!” they replied proudly. They looked through the books for another five minutes and we discussed what they knew about God and their relationship with the lord.
They were all Catholics and they believed in God and Maria they told me.  It was a good chance to ask more questions about their personal relationship.  Also I told them I would be back and that I was on campus all the time if they had any questions.

I returned to my flat an hour later to pray that a least one of them would be there at the appointed time to hear more about the concept of a personal relationship with Christ.  I had hopes that some would come to our meeting this week.  My time was growing short here and I felt an even greater urgency to make a permanent mark on these students.
They are in a kind of gray zone.  They have had an exposure to God through the Catholic Church, but no real follow up in knowing Christ as a personal Savior.  Most notably they have no idea of what is in the Bible and they almost don’t believe it when the Word is read to them.  They seem so skeptical as if the words I am reading from Matthew or Psalms or I Corinthians or I John are things I am making up.
Today I have made up my mind to purchase a Bible written in Lithuanian.  I hope that convinces them this word is real.  If they can read it in their own language perhaps I may help.

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