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Monday, March 15, 2010

God Sightings Comments

Hi fellow followers.  I like this format [God Sightings Daily Web Post] and believe it gives a great daily regiment for reading God's word.
I find the comments from Pastor Larry very encouraging and I always read them right after the message.  The format is good for me and better than having a paper book I could and have misplaced last year.  I am not an i-Pod user, so [sorry Josh] my thumbs are too big and the print too small for that format.  My group here  has seen the site and they like it.  I am trying to get one of them to sign up and see if it works the same way here,  It should.  I might add too that I find comments from fellow followers very interesting and often they stimulate new ideas about the reading I had not thought of before.
This is one of the best sights for organization and navigation.  Though sometimes it seems a little slow. :))
Your Brother in Christ
Baltic-Russian Mission

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